In our quarantine time we try to numb the pain of not playing football with a series of interviews. First we take a look at Ferenc Szvetnik, the striker who has been our top goalscorer ever since he arrived.

Why did you choose to play for Hunreal FC?

Before joining Hunreal I played in KISE (BLSZ II) and I felt that’s above my level. I didn’t feel attached to the club or the league either. I wanted to move to another club or stop playing for a while. Then I received some fortunate news. A friend of mine, who was my teammate in youth years, was recruiting players for his club. I knew I would enjoy playing alongside him again, then I learned a few other former teammates would be there too. At that point I felt like that’s where I belong. And I never regret my decision.

You’ve already spent 3 seasons with us, what were your expectations and what did you get during your time here?

I thought the first few years would be about getting to know eachother and learn how to work and fight as a team, not dominating the league. The first match already proved to me, there will be no issue with our fighting spirit. I felt we could become a dominant team on this level and this year we were competing for the top three positions already. If the season continues, we have a great chance of securing second place and with it promotion to BLSZ III. Another important expectation to me was the general atmosphere, I really didn’t want to play in a team in which players are always shouting and fighting with eachother. Sadly most of us experienced that already. This isn’t Champions League, there is no need for that. I’m happy to play for a team which can provide that. There are some arguing every now and then, but that is natural and I’m in a strong community where I only made friends who encourage eachother during the games. All in all I got what I wanted, a good group of lads to play with, looking to improve and fight for glory.

What is your favourite tactics and position?

I wouldn’t say I have a preferred line up, but I do like it when I have a partner with me up front who’s aggressive and confidently finishes in front of the goal. I wasn’t playing as a striker before, but here I played as one 98 percent of the time. If you ask me where do I like to play at Hunreal, my answer is a forward. I do enjoy the shadow striker role a bit more, but I grew to enjoy leading the attack over the years.

Feri leads the attack against Dini SE. Photo: Vadász Péter –

Do you think the season will continue? If so, what should we expect in the remaining ten games? *

Unfortunately I doubt it because that would mean we played during the hottest and most busy part of summer. A lot of games would need rearranging or face cancellation. It is an amateur league, football is not our main priority afterall. If it would be continued, which I would love, I think we could reach second place and promotion.

* Please note the original interview took place before the decision of abondening this season.

Could you tell us a little bit about your plans in Hunreal FC and your personal life?

I would like to stay here and go as far as we can with these people, with my friends. I would like us to have trainings, have more get togethers to grow as a community which would lead to an even better cohesion on the pitch. If everything goes according to my plans I will graduate from university this year, I will be a programmer. I did apply to a Masters degree, but I’m working already in this field and I think I chose the perfect career for myself.

Which team impressed you do most from our opponents?

In a bizarre coincidence I always avoided our strongest opponents, so I didn’t see those who are the best on paper. I remember one team though, they played some good fluid attacking football and you could see they are used to play together. That was the reserve team of RKSK. You could tell they played together for many years, knew what were their teammates doing by heart. I would like to imagine our team to be like that in the future. We may have not been together in youth years, some of us started playing eleven-a-side games here. However I believe this is a strong community, destined for great things.

Ferenc Szvetnik’s statistics this season: 13 matches, 22 goals, 16 assists
Ferenc Szvetnik’s statistics at Hunreal FC: 50 matches, 77 goals